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How to Live in Community That Has Let You Down

“Framily sounds so appealing. So many of us have strained family relationships, whilst others are living far away from their loved-ones. So the concept of cultivating our own family, of choosing our own support system, sounds wonderful.

However, life rarely looks like this. There are disappointments, there are fallouts, and there are conflicts. Because we live in a world that is far from perfect, people fail us and we fail them. We are pushed away or others misunderstand us. We expect people to be there for us and when they are not, we can be destroyed.”


The Lie of ‘Too Blessed to Be Stressed’

“Unless I missed it, the song “Everything Is Awesome” from the LEGO movie is nowhere to be found in scripture. In fact, look at the Psalms and you will read the songs and prayers of a man who knew suffering. 

King David knew what it was to be misunderstood, betrayed and left mentally exhausted. And yet, most of the time, put a Christian in a painful situation, and nine times out of 10 they will slap a smile on their face and recite a ridiculous number of platitudes. “I’m too blessed to be stressed” or “God’s got me. I’ll be OK” to name but a few, all the while they are dying inside.”