Lead Pastor, Big House Church, Norfolk VA

Sarah McCarron is a highly effective communicator with an incredible grasp of the life and ministry of Jesus through the Scriptures. Sarah speaks with a vulnerability that is both engaging and disarming and her British wit is downright hilarious. Both her writing and speaking have equally encouraged and challenged our church community to drop all the hyper-religious facades and claim our true identity as people who are loved by a Heavenly Father regardless of anything we have to give or offer. She is truly a breath of fresh air!!

Chris Dupre

Associate Pastor, Life Center Ministries, Harrisburg, PA

To have the chance to share my thoughts about Sarah McCarron is a real treat. I’ve known Sarah for about ten years but it didn’t take that long to know her. She is joy and class all mixed together. When I met her at CBN she was writing and producing and she carried herself with humor and great humility. She is a wonderfully gifted communicator, whether it’s through her lovely and personal writings or her authentic and engaging speaking style. I’m so glad that she is using her gifts to release hope and wisdom to all who have eyes to see and ears to hear.