My Sams

It’s been a few weeks since my last blog, but I’m afraid Josh and I have been having the time of our lives back in the UK. We relaxed, caught up with the best of friends and saw my wonderful family. We were served tasty dinners and drank delicious wine. It’s been a time of feasting and celebration.

Hobbits like to celebrate. They eat, drink and are merry (not that I know any personally, but I am a fan of the movies!!) I’ve been thinking about Frodo and Sam. They were two unlikely heroes, who, with perseverance and determination, defied judgment and overcame every obstacle thrown at them. They were the best of friends; true brothers who took a brave journey together. And if one had given up, the other would have surely failed.

I am no Frodo by any means (my feet are smaller, less hairy, and I do not plan to take any ring into Mordor) but I know my ‘Sams’. People often say that I have lots of friends, and perhaps I do, but I only have a few Sams, and most live across an ocean. These are the friends that see the real me. They will go through hell and high water for me. If I’m low, they speak truth. If I’m tired, they revive me. If I pee them off, they forgive me. I don’t have to perform, make them laugh or share a deep and meaningful secret. They just love me and want to walk through life with me.

And I hope to be a good Sam too. I don’t want to give up if they are making wrong choices. I don’t want to leave them to fight battles alone. Even when they tell me to go, I want to stay. I want to love courageously and with fierce loyalty. I want them to know that no matter how ugly or messed up they feel, I am in this for the long-haul.

Heavens knows, we all fight our own Dark Riders in this world. We constantly have our swords raised as we fight insecurity, fear and doubt. But we make it because our friends and family stand with us. We are able to lift our weary heads because a Sam reminds us how far we have come on this journey of life. They drown out the shrill of fear and give us strength to wield the sword of truth once more. We make it because we are supported, and sometimes carried, by a Sam.

My heart is indeed full after spending time with my Sams. Some are blood relatives. Some, like Frodo and Sam, are the very best of friends. I have feasted, laughed and cried. I have heard and been heard. I have seen and been seen. It’s their courage that makes me brave. It’s their faith that gives me hope. It’s their ‘elven bread’ that nourishes my soul.

Today, remember your Sams. Even if they are thousands of miles away, remember those friends who stick like glue. Love them. Encourage them. And if they have hairy hobbit feet, perhaps suggest waxing….