I Will Rise - Poem

Sometimes we writers get a little writers block. We blame our demanding schedules, messy homes and family commitments, but sometimes we just need to get around like-minded people to bring out the nuggets of creativity.

My church, Big House, has a Creative Writing Group. After months of distractions, procrastination and excuses, I started to attend the group and I love it! We are real, raw and creative. We share our writing, cheerlead one another and discuss finding the Creator in the midst of our jumbled emotions. 

But we get out of our comfort zones! We were recently set the task of finding a Pablo Neruda poem and, by imitating its form, writing our own poem. My first contribution to the group was a poem called, I Will Rise. It felt like therapy penning the words, so I didn't expect anyone to like my poem. However, I read it during our Sunday service last week and I was surprised by people's positive reactions. I was even asked by a few people for a copy, so here it is. I hope you enjoy too!


Should you choose to leave me,

Should you choose to give up,

I will die, then I will rise.


I thought you were a part of me,

I thought you defined me,

I was wrong.


I will rise.


With my marooned soul,

It was there I was found.


Where hunger reigns,

And thirst wrings my mind,

Where blazing sun slaughters life,

I will not die.


Victory is not mine to take,

But it’s a gift I have been given,

I find shelter.

Even though I am down,

I hear the ticking clock,

And rise by “ten”.


No. You think you’ve won.

You think it’s a knockout.

But if you my light, my sun,

If you refuse to shine,

Darkness will consume my soul,

Music will be mute,

Beauty will be but a blur,

My limp and maimed soul will fight on,

I will want to die,

But I shall breathe.

You shaped this heart,

And you know my strength.

Even when I lose hope,

Hope finds its way home.